Post Consumer Recycled Bottles PCR


Post Consumer Recycled Bottles PCR.

Our range of Post consumer recycled bottles (PCR bottles) is available from 30ml to 5ltr Jerrycans, we are able to manufacture at any percentage required.

We have a wide range of bottles available in.

  • 100% PCR non food grade.
  • 100% PCR food grade.
  • 30%  PCR non food grade.
  • 30%  PCR food grade.
  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • The bottles used generate the feed stock for the PCR rHDPE goes a small way to help reduce the impact on plastic going into landfill and the ocean environment around the UK.
  • Naturally pale olive green tint of the recycled material has no added coloration.
  • Some contamination due to being recycled material.
  • We are able to manufacture all our bottle range in rHDPE from the 30ml to our 5ltr Jerrycan.
  • These are suitable for various applications.
  • Household detergents.
  • Garden products.
  • Pet care.
  • Toiletries.
  • DIY.
  • Chemical industry.
  • See Recycle news items Proactive approach to the issue of single use plastics
  • From 10% to 100% addition.
  • All manufactured in Leicestershire on all electric machines, reducing the carbon foot print of our PCR bottles.
  • Products can be manufactured at any percentage from 15% to100%, Depending on the customer requirements.
  • Colours some colours available.
  • Reducing landfill.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Samples available.
  • What is PCR – PCR is the plastic that has been reprocessed from other bottles and jars that have been purchased by the public used once and then thrown away to be recycled.
  • These plastic bottles and jars then get discarded and recycled.
  • Then made into other plastic bottles and jars which completes the recycling waste loop.
  • This would then mean that eventually, less plastic will end up in landfills and our oceans.
  • Leading plastic bottle supplier in the UK.

Please call 0116 2121212 to discuss in more detail or email with any questions, sample requests or requirements other you may have.

Samples are readily available able on request.



A full range of suitable caps/closures and plugs are available, all closures are sold separately, please call or email for full details on all closures available.


PCR rHDPE is made from 100% recycled UK plastic, bottles used to generate the feed stock for the PCR rHDPE help to reduce the impact on plastic going into landfill and the ocean environment around the UK, the naturally olive green tinted coloration of the has no added colouration but is the result of the feed stock being used. The material has been approved for food use in the UK and has all the relevant certification requirements.

We are able to produce all our range of bottles from the 30ml all the way up 5Ltr Jerry cans in the PCR rHDPE on request.

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