5Ltr Jerrycan 38mm Neck


5ltr Jerrycan 38mm Neck.

Natural and Colours

5ltr Jerrycan with 38mm neck, also Tamper Evident neck or 38mm CRC neck, natural and white are available from stock other colours available on request subject to minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Manufactured from food grade HDPE in the UK at our site in Leicestershire.

  • Code 19100.
  • Size 5000ml (5ltr).
  • Necks 38mm T/E.
  • Materiel HDPE.
  • Colours Available.
  • Full range of caps available.
  • PCR from 30% to 100% on request.
  • Full range of pantone available with MOQ.
  • Blow Moulded 5ltr Jerry Can
  • HDPE 5ltr Jerrycan

For more information on PCR please follow the Link.

Suitable for the following industries.

  • Pet Care.
  • Automotive Care.
  • Automotive Polish.
  • Toiletries.
  • Household Chemicals.
  • Automotive Oil Testing.
  • Hand Sanitiser.
  • Food and Drinks.
  • Household Chemicals.
  • Automotive Cleaning.
  • Automotive Oils and Screen wash.
  • DIY Products.
  • Garden Products.
  • Bike Cleaners.
  • Lubricating Oils.
  • Animal Care.
  • Personal Health Care.
  • Plus many more.

A full range of closures available on request for both the 38mm T/E and 38mm CRC 5ltr Jerrycan .

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38mm CRC Necks – Customers are responsible for ensuring that any bottle/container and closure combinations supplied are compatible with any accreditation required for the purpose in which they are intended.

Please call our Sales Office on 0116 2121212 for more details on availability and qty options.

Available in Neck Sizes

38mm T/E and 38mm CRC.


A full range of suitable caps/closures and plugs are available, all closures are sold separately, please call or email for full details on all closures available.


Suitable for a wide variety of applications including, Food products, toiletries, pet care, DIY, garden products, household chemicals, automotive oils and automotive cleaning.


Made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE). On Request can also be made from Post Consumer Reclaim (PCR) or Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) MOQs may apply, please call for details.

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