300ml Powder Puffer Bottle 38mm Neck


300ml Powder Puffer Bottle.

White Code 20301.

300ml powder puffer bottle is suitable for a wide range of powder or granule products across many industries, made in white HDPE plastic with a 38mm R3 neck.

  • Code 20301.
  • Size 300ml.
  • 38mm R3 CRC Neck.
  • Single hole plug available.
  • 1000ml Powder bottle.

Suitable for the following.

  • Pest Control bottle.
  • Water Treatment bottle.
  • Garden Products.
  • Pet Care.
  • Ant Powder.
  • Sanitiser Powder.
  • Full Range of sizes, 300ml, 600ml and 1Ltr.

Available in PCR post consumer reclaim material rHDPE on request from 15% to 100% for information on PCR please follow the Link.

38mm CRC Necks – Customers are responsible for ensuring that any bottle/container and closure combinations supplied are compatible with any accreditation required for the purpose in which they are intended.


Available in Neck Sizes

38mm R3


A full range of suitable caps/closures and plugs are available, all closures are sold separately, please call or email for full details on all closures available.


Suitable for a wide variety of applications including, Pet Care, DIY, Garden Products, Household Chemicals and Water Treatment.


Made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE). On Request can also be made from Post Consumer Reclaim (PCR) or Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) MOQs may apply, please call for details.

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