1Ltr Round Shoulder Bottle 28mm Neck


1Ltr Round Shoulder Bottle 28mm Neck

Natural Code 03905.

  • Code 03905.
  • Size 1000ml.
  • Necks 28mm.
  • Materiel HDPE.
  • Colours Available.
  • Suitable Trigger spray heads.
  • Full range of caps available.
  • PCR from 15% to 100% on request.
  • Full range of pantone available with MOQ.

For more information on PCR please follow the Link.

Suitable for.

  • Pet Care.
  • Automotive Care.
  • Automotive Polish.
  • Toiletries.
  • Household Chemicals.
  • Cleaning Products.
  • Bike Wash.
  • Motocross Wash.

1ltr Shoulder bottle in HDPE plastic with a 28/410 neck, which can be used with arrange of standard caps, flip top caps, trigger spray heads and lotion pumps for many applications, also available in non food grade PCR Post Consumer Recycled material from 10% to 99%.

1ltr plastic bottle in HDPE.

Available in Neck Sizes



A full range of suitable caps/closures and plugs are available, all closures are sold separately, please call or email for full details on all closures available.


Suitable for a wide variety of applications including, Pet Care, DIY, Garden Products, Household Chemicals, Automotive Oils and Automotive Cleaning, Bike Wash, Motocross Bike wash, Car Cleaning.


Made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE). On Request can also be made from Post Consumer Reclaim (PCR) or Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) MOQs may apply, please call for details.

We manufacturing HDPE plastic bottles across many industries from 30ml plastic bottles to 5ltr Jerrycans in natural and colours with a range of neck sizes from 18mm to 38mm.

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