UncategorizedRecycled Plastic Bottles Post-consumer recycled material
Recycled Plastic Bottles Post-consumer recycled material

Post-consumer recycled material.

PCR is recycled plastic made from discarded items such as plastic milk bottles, Shampoo bottles and many other types of plastic bottles. Post-consumer recycled material (PCR) is an environmentally friendly and a sustainable solution for single use plastics that would normally end up being discarded into the oceans or disposed of in landfill sites.

Our rHDPE Plastic PCR Bottles cover a wide range of our products.  These environmentally friendly bottles are just as durable and practical as standard HDPE.

Our rHDPE PCR (post-consumer recycled) range is gathering more and more interest.  All items in this range would have been fully manufactured using recycled plastic. Our PCR rHDPE bottle range can made up of anywhere between 15% to 98% recycled plastic.

This will indicate and promote an environmentally friendly aspect to you company.

PCR is suitable for all types of products and many industries.