Uncategorized5ltr Jerrycan 38mm T/E Neck
5ltr Jerrycan 38mm T/E Neck

5ltr Jerrycan 38mm T/E neck.

This is our 5ltr Jerrycan made in HDPE,  this bottle is available with a 38mm T/E neck, 38/400 and a 38mm Berg neck.

5ltr Jerrycan.

  • Size 5000ml.
  • Necks 38mm T/E, 38/400 and 38mm Berg.
  • Colours available.
  • Low MOQs
  • Material HDPE.
  • PCR available on request.
  • Single pallet quantities available.
  • 38mm T/E cap available.

5Ltr Jerrycan 38mm neck HDPE plastic.

Suitable for the Food industry, Personal Care industry, Pet Care Industry, Automotive Polish plus many more.

We are able to add rHDPE (PCR) at which ever percentage you require, we have Tech grade PCR and rHDPE which is food grade. PCR Post Consumer Reclaim

Please contact the office for more details on this or any other of our products on 01162121212.